opening session

Friday, 12. 21:00h. Teatre CIRVIANUM 


Presents: Nati Adell (journalist from Catalunya Ràdio)

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Antarctica was a challenge to explore that turned into a struggle to reach the South Pole. Later it was a race to conquer it and put up a flag. In 1961 the Antarctic Treaty came into force, to protect it and to make it an immense space dedicated to research. Now it is also a dream trip in a hostile land, of a unique beauty, where there is practically no life when the sea ends. A frozen desert, silence, nothingness. Unfortunately it has also become a thermometer to measure climate change and, therefore, a land to protect.

We propose a cinematographic trip to the frozen continent, with the participation of Francesc Sàbat (geologist and mountaineer), Rafael Simó (oceanographer) and the researcher and pioneer of trips to Antarctica, Marta Estrada, with the music of the pianist Josep Maria Cols and an intervention by artist Eudald Alabau.