Rules and prizes


  1. TOPICS. Any topic connected with the mountains.
    1. Mountain films: alpinism, expeditions, climbing and hiking
    2. Mountain sports films: caving, skiing, sports climbing, hang-gliding, canyoning, kayaking, rafting, adventure and BASE jump
    3. Films about mountain culture: nature protection, flora, fauna, ethnography
  2. For selection purposes, the films should be sent by e-mail (We Transfer, Vimeo, Dropbox or similar). The following will not be accepted:
    1. Films entered in other editions of the Festival or films made before 2022.
    2. Films with which people or bodies connected in any way whatsoever with the Organisers have collaborated.
    3. Unfinished films.
  3. All applications for the entry of a film must be made using the entry form, which must submitted to the organisers before September 1st each year. This application must be accompanied by at least one photograph that is representative of the film for the Festival catalogue. The organisers reserve the right not to admit films which do not comply with the legal conditions laid down for the Festival.
  4. The films not dubbed or subtitled in Catalan or Spanish must be accompanied by a copy of their subtitles list with timecode in English or French.
  5. The Organisers will appoint a Selection Committee which will have sole authority to accept or reject films. The following will be excluded:
    1. Films lacking sufficient artistic or technical quality.
    2. Advertising films.
    3. Films that do not comply with the Festival’s rules.
  6. If a film is selected to be screened in public, a copy in any of the following formats must be sent:
    • Vídeo HD .mp4, audio aac
    • Vídeo HD .mov, audio aac
  7. The Organisers will appoint the Jury which is to judge the films. The votes of the Jury will be secret and decisions will be made by a majority vote in accordance with the Jury’s specific rules. All decisions are irrevocable.
  8. The films will be screened in the order and according to the criteria decided by the Organisers.
  9. The screening will take place in two formats: live (in one of the two venues of the Festival).
  10. If the film is admitted to the competition, the copy entered for the selection process will become part of the Festival’s historical archives and may be used for internal consultation or as a means of promoting the Festival. Once the Festival has finished, the winning films may be shown by the organisers at other cultural events, under all circumstances for non-profit making purposes and including a reference to the prizes won.
  1. The films must be delivered to the Organisers before the September 1st each year, and must be sent attached to the application form or to:
  2. By entering the BBVA Mountain Film Festival, entrants fully accept these rules and waive any legal claims, and any cases not provided for herein shall be resolved solely by the Organisers.

*The entrant states that they are the sole owner of the rights of exploitation to the film and shall be liable for any breach of copyright claims that may be made. They hereby relieve the Festival organisers of any liability whatsoever in this respect. Likewise they state that they have acquired the authorisation of those people or organisations which hold rights to the music, images or other types of intellectual property which appear in the film.

*In the event of winning one of the awards, the entrant expressly authorises the organisers to reproduce and use their image for advertising purposes and the use of their given name and surname in any advertising and/or promotional activity related to the Festival with no entitlement to any remuneration except for the prize.
Pursuant to Spain’s Data Protection Organic Act 15/1999, the entrant authorises their personal details, and any that may be provided in the future, to be entered and processed in a file owned by the Fundació Festival Cinema de Muntanya de Torelló whose address is Carrer Anselm Clavé nº 5, 3er 2a, 08570 Torelló. These details have been collected by the aforementioned organisation in order to promote and advertise this Festival.

The entrant may exercise their legal rights, and in particular those of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by writing to the Fundació Festival Cinema de Muntanya de Torelló at the address given above. In the event of having any queries about their rights, they may call freephone 900 22 22 33.






Golden Edelweiss and 3,000 Euros to the best film.

BBVA Award

Silver Edelweiss and 1,200 Euros to the best mountain film.

GrandValira Award

Silver Edelweiss and 1,200 Euros to the best mountain sports film.

Quadpack Foundation Award

Silver Edelweiss and 1,200 Euros to the best film about mountain culture.



Special Awards



Silver Edelweiss to the best script.

FEEC Award

Silver Edelweiss to the best photography.

"Cervesa del Montseny" Award

Silver Edelweiss for the best short film, as voted for by the audience, in the +Xtrem section of mountain sports.

Mountain Wilderness Award

Mountain Wilderness Award, to the film which best emphasizes the preservation of natural spaces.



*A prize may be declared void where and when the films presented fail to meet the required standard. However, the Jury, may award runner up prizes or special mentions, apart from the aforementioned awards. A film can only be awarded with one of the established prizes, except in the case of the special prizes, which are compatible with the other prizes.