Jaume Altadill

Photographer and television cameraman. He has had years of experience as a mountaineer, climber and skier, and he has taken part in numerous climbs in the Pyrenees and the Alps. He has been part of several expeditions to the Andes, the Hindu Kush and the Himalayas, including three Everest expeditions. He has made documentaries about Mount Everest, Talay Sagar, India and Nepal, some of them have been awarded at the Torelló Festival. For 30 years he has worked as a cameraman for TV3. He has just published the book Fotografies i muntanyes. He was part of the Jury of the first edition of the Torelló Mountain Film Festival, in 1983.

Gilbert Arroyo

Scriptwriter, director of television programs, documentaries and documentary series, and executive producer. He is currently responsible for content at The Mediapro Studio in Catalonia, a company to which he has been linked since 2001 working in different formats. Executive producer of the recently released series First Class (Netflix), he has been co-director of the documentaries Sinfonía and Filosofia a la presó, among others. He is the screenwriter of the documentary Vidre de meravelles, which follows the work process of the painter, ceramicist and sculptor Miquel Barceló in the creation of the ephemeral clay mural for the National Library of France, in Paris.

Arola Cumeras

Graduated in Media and Communication at UAB. She has worked as an editor at TV3, and currently writes for the news portal 324.cat. She has previously worked at Catalunya Ràdio, La Xarxa, RAC1, El 9 Nou, Ràdio Ona and Setmanari Torelló. She was director of the Manlleu City Council media: Ràdio Manlleu and elter.net and has been part of the organizing team of the Asian Summer Film Festival in Vic and the Temporada Alta in Girona.

Oriol Garcia Farré

His humanist studies – he graduated in Medieval History from the UAB - and his appreciation and passion for the mountain – which was transmitted first in his family and later within the Excursionist Center of Catalonia (CEC) - together with the experiences lived in this environment have defined his character and his professional life. For twenty years, he worked as an executive producer in the media industry, working on award-winning documentaries at several festivals (Milan, Dunkerque, Dijon, Torelló, Reus, etc.) and in countless television and advertising formats. Covid-19 forced him to redefine his professional profile and since 2020 he has been part of the 11Onze team, the first Catalan community fintech.

Francesc Ginabreda

Journalist, proofreader and teacher of Catalan language and literature. He has written for Revista de Girona, Barcelona Metròpolis and Núvol, where he has been head of literature and critic for previous editions of the Torelló Mountain Film Festival. He is currently a collaborator in Les garrotxes. He is part of the reading committee for the BBVA Sant Joan Award for Catalan Literature and is the author of the book Pedalar no cansa (Núvol, 2019).